Rock Around The Clock

Family and I step back in time, and visited the Elvis Festival in Parkes.
With lot’s to see, we set off up one side and down the other.
The youngest testing out the freshly spun fairy floss, and the son heading for the chilly stand, everyone had an awesome day.

We were invited to tap away on the piano mural.
Street Art By Rudy Kistler
Nothing like a “Hound Dog”

The weather was warm, and the atmosphere was full of Jail House Rock and Love Me Tender.
Elvis Priestly wasn’t a stranger, while growing up I enjoyed his music and many of his movies.
Remember catching the Midday Movie, with family as we waited for the baked lamb and vegetables to be served with onion gravy.

Over time the conversations fade and the family Sunday dinner is no more, as family members pass on and leave only a memory.

Siblings go their separate ways, some due to bitterness and sadness while others try to keep in touch and hold onto the only part of what was the bond that held a family together.

None the less we all end up in the same place, and it is how we choose to live life in between that matters the most.
We can choose to forgive or we can choose to hold onto to anger and despair and close out those that was once close to heart.

Never leave this world with a heavy heart of regret.