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Born in Sydney NSW Australia, and raised in the country, Terri Ann enjoyed a childhood living a carefree lifestyle with family and friends.

At age 16 she decided to drop out of high school to pursue a career. Reality hit hard and she soon found herself working long hours in a crumby job at a meat works. Soon  the gruelling work schedule became to much for little wage, she knew that something had to change. It just didn’t sit right with Terri Ann having no time to enjoy her hard earned income or spend time with the people she cared about. She felt exhausted and unhappy.

In such a short time Terri Ann, was involved in serious Motor Bike accident, that left her with many disadvantages and unable to work in full time employment.

Terri Ann had become a mother at this time and soon there was no time at all for work or herself.

The crazy notion came into mind that why couldn’t she be a mother and work, simple right! Not at all an easy task to leave kids at home with a stranger.

In 1996, Terri Ann started searching online for ideas that could facilitate a better work-life balance. After much research, so Terri Ann considered buying a little franchise to promote local small businesses, seemed the best solution to free her from her round-the-clock grind, but this wasn’t an option. So she went into a little store selling baby clothes.  Apart from the debt she incurred to fund this venture, six months in she realised this was not the right path – the ailments that fatigued her were causing an issue and the cold calling, door to door selling and constant rejections, just were to much… Back to the drawing board!

Terri Ann settled for staying at home, and her loved ones considered it lucky for her to be back in safety and rid off the crazy notion of juggling a family and a job. But that feeling of deep dissatisfaction continued to gnaw at her, she knew she had to do something.

Several months later, after doing loads more research online, Terri Ann came across a newsletter subscription – business training system created by a famous work-from-home business guru. It promised passive income and riches beyond his wildest dreams, while she sat sipping cocktails on the beach… Naturally she got the credit card out and signed right up!

But reality hit hard once again. This training program involved waiting for a new education module each month, and having done her research she knew that the first module she viewed was blatantly behind the times with the fast changing digital world, let alone being cutting-edge.

Nevertheless, Terri Ann’s extensive trial and error gave her a major lightbulb moment – she realised that if she wanted fast and substantial progress, she needed to find a mentor and a state-of-the art business model. After two more months of research, she finally found a good mentor and her progress skyrocketed. What would have taken her years to learn and apply took mere months, saving huge amounts of time and money.

Within six months Terri Ann was able to change her position and was making head way, rather than  she had ever made in her previous jobs. While she was thrilled, that old uneasy feeling came back because she was still doing more, placing ads and doing everything possible to make more sales.

But one evening Terri Ann stumbled across a YouTube video by two guy’s in the US named Stuart & Jay.

And so Terri Ann’s, journey began.

So, Terri Ann continued searching for a better way. She began doing one-on-one consulting, where she discovered that she got a great sense of contentment in helping others understand how to create financial success in the digital world.

Added to this, Terri Ann now enjoys the freedom of being an Online Business Consultant & Marketer along with the digital lifestyle to the fullest. She’s able to spend lots of time with her family and friends, and not have the added strain on her, engage in philanthropy projects close to her heart, indulge her fascination with her passions, and travel when the mood strikes. This love of being unconstrained and showing others how to achieve the same has earned Terri Ann her nickname…

Meet Terri Ann- aka
‘The Australian Freedom Entrepreneur’

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Terri Ann Baxter Educating The Future

Hello and welcome to my Official Website!

I started my journey into the online entrepreneurial world with nothing more than passion, perseverance, a laptop and a dream! These days I feel blessed to have been able to create a successful lifestyle business in the education and technology industry that I absolutely LOVE – my driving passion is sharing the know-how and mindset that lets others feel the same way about their lives.

One of the most powerful concepts I learned from the top mentors I’ve worked with is the power of leverage. What do I mean by leverage? Well the dictionary says: “influence, power, force, control”. But in my words, leverage is doing more with less – spending less time, effort, energy and investment, while gaining more income, results, value and free time. In my opinion the essential secret to living an abundant life is not getting a great job, but learning how to leverage your life.

Truly understanding this concept is what separates the wealthy from those who struggle financially. It’s about shifting from the conditioning of doing just enough to get by or only working until you’re comfortable, to abundance creation through continual growth along with leveraging your time and money effectively.

I mean let’s face it! Who wants to be a slave to the old ways.

The traditional way of earning money is not great leverage – you find yourself chained to an office as an employee or taking the plunge with scary overheads as the owner of a brick and mortar business. In contrast, a newer and much better way to leverage your time is to become a digital entrepreneur. In other words, someone who owns an Internet based business, which can be started at a fraction of the cost of a traditional business and can also be built around your existing job until you find your feet.

Really there is no need to sacrifice anything until you know exactly what you are doing.

Now there can never be one magic secret that will give entrepreneurs all the answers, but one of the main things that all successful entrepreneurs implement daily into their lives is a can-do mindset which sees opportunities instead of obstacles.

Changing your mindset can be powerful if you choose to allow yourself, the hidden key that sets people on the path to major success, and I’ve learned the hard way that mentorship is what keeps this on track.

Everyone should have a mentor in their life, be it a parent or a business mentor, the job is still the same and it is to lead you.

In terms of actual business models that really work though, just think of the opportunities we have these days! Literally, the Internet puts almost anything at our fingertips, from services to knowledge. Not only that, it gives us unlimited potential customers from every corner of the globe, 24-7 at 365 days. If you can become a master at online marketing, I truly believe you’ll never have to worry about finance, redundancy or feeling constrained again.

What’s more, if you can master the art of digital marketing, or have a marketing that confident with what they do, then you can get started faster than ever before – even if you have very little capital or absolutely no idea where to start. This is because you can start out as an affiliate for other people’s proven products and services, just like I did. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what business or product you have – opportunities come and go, but understanding effective online marketing keeps you safeguarded forever when it comes to making money and leveraging your life so you can have more freedom to do the things you love.

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