Spammers using emotional abuse

Spammers using emotional abuse

A story you should read


Backing up their outdated techniques, learned.

Technique to a spammer is just about anything they can get their hands on, and this could very well destroy you emotionally and financially, leaving you feeling very worthless.


During my research I have come across two types of spammers, the first being the spammer that starts out with, ‘Hello’ and then moves on to ask you to tell them, more about you and your family, and follow on.

  • Follow your pattern of daily tweets and posts, depending on which Social Media Platform you use.
  • Devise a way to get into you head and your heart.
  • Done some sort of Psychological mentality training
  • They can drag it out for weeks if they think they have hooked you.

However there is a third, that I have not come across as yet!

You;re feeling low self esteem, and not realizing you are about to be the victim, and you are telling this person your life story.

‘DON’T, stop and think before you give any information about yourself, your family or your plans’

By now, you are hooked!

They have you information and they get to work.

Next they say, they’re embarrassed.

‘I’m embarrassed to tell you this, but I need you to get me some itune credit’

Believe me, if they are genuine people, they will not ask you for your personal information or money

Honestly! Celebrities and people of importance, don’t need your money or for you to run out and get them itune credit or donate to their charities and have money paid into offshore accounts.

Think about it? If you live in Australia, why would a celebrity require you to transfer funds to an offshore account? They don’t! They will have people that know what they’re doing and if you are dealing with the right people you will be safe. But you shouldn’t take my word for it.

  • do your own research and ask as many questions as possible
  • This is a major scam that is happening to around the world.

Ok, now let’s move onto the second type of spammer

They troll celebrity pages and fan pages, looking for a likely victim to strike.

You are the target! ….. Now what?  You believe you have been contacted by a famous celebrity.

‘please tell me more about yourself’. 

Correct!, that is how they approach you and then your hooked. Spammers send a message accidently, not meant for you, asking would you like to donate to their organisation.

‘DON’T, don’t be fooled into this private messaging travesty.’

Don’t get me wrong! Celebrities and important people and they do participate in fundraising for organisations, however they will always have a public page to handle stuff like this, and they don’t normally contact you privately.

Procedures taken by spammer

  •  ask you to donate money
  • purchase itune credit
  • charge you to meet them

Genuine people, appreciate your support, they don’t bully or discriminate against you because you didn’t join their cause, or go out and get them itune credit.

Genuine people see themselves as the inspiration to your day and the last thing they would want is to feel bad about yourself or have ill feelings about them.

If you feel intimidated or bullied, or know someone that might be in a confronting situation then offer your support and guide them to the right people to help them.


Stroud Campdraft

Stroud Campdraft NSW

Ok, so this trip takes us off to Stroud in New South Wales, where I was accompanied by two of my family members.

We packed the ute with tents, food, blankets and clothes and set out on a four day trip.

I’ve never been to a Campdraft, so I had no idea what to expect when we got there.

The event ran for two days and we were on a mission!

Our mission, should we choose to continue!!! Is to meet with Country Music Artist Troy Kemp.

We stopped in to visit with family along the way, and visited the beach at Hawkesbury.

Stroud is a small community located north of Newcastle, we arrived and pitched our tents and took a stroll around the grounds.

The campdrafting was already underway!

First night there, we strolled around the grounds watching the riders.

Second day, we watched calves set loose and drafted by the riders, watching the rodeo with many riders and bulls going for that 8 second ride.

Had the pleasure of meeting 8 year old Bailey, and his older brother Jackson. ‘ Their dream is to become International Bull Riders and go to the USA’

Wandering around, meeting people from all over we must have walked around the arena at least 10 times, and my feet were aching.

We waited patiently to see Australian artist, Troy Kemp, he was so busy setting up the stage, and as Troy saw us standing waiting for him he snuck in  a pre warm up song.

Finally! It was time to meet Troy Kemp, his words rang out  “Hold up guy’s, while I go and see this lady. She’s been waiting for ages”

Troy jumped down from the stage leaving his band waiting in the wings.

We had the pleasure of having a photo taken with Troy.

Afterwards, packed up the tents and headed back to listen to Troy sing.

I have to say the highlight of the trip was meeting young Bailey & his brother Jackson.

Deni Ute Muster 2017

Provided by Terri Ann Baxter Educating The Future

Deni Ute Muster 2017

What an experience!

I set off to Deniliquin to check out the  Famous Deni Ute Muster.

The best way I can explain my experience is to waffle on, and I’m sure you’ll catch my drift!

I was so nervous as I made my way down to Deniliquin, arriving early I set out to research the place before the big event.

Getting the grand tour at the Deniliquin Visitors Information Center.

Where the story of the ‘Peppin Marino Sheep’ had started.

Back in the 1800, the drought was so bad that many of the livestock had perished, and only the Peppin Marino had survived.

Like many good farming areas Deniliquin has many qualities, and also their downfalls, like having no rain to keep livestock and crops going.

Deniliquin is based on the Edward River, along the New South Wales and Victorian border.

The locals tell the tale of the legendary ‘Headless Horseman’ and how the local butcher had a roaring trade.

Moving on to the Famous Deni Ute Muster, where the Legendary Lee Kernaghan played the opening song back when the ute muster had begun.

It was my pleasure to have met with Lee Kernaghan for a autograph and photo, I will never forget this day, I tell you!

Then it was back to focussing on the show, back out front to where I joined the crowed I wore the biggest and proudest smile.

The show started and I waited patiently for Lee Kernaghan to come on stage, it was amazing I could hardly believe that only a few minutes earlier I was shaking his hand and trembling as he put his arm around my shoulder.

Was that very moment, memories of time spent with my father came flooding back of the times we sang along to Slim Dusty.

Provided by Terri Ann Baxter Educating The Future Provided by Terri Ann Baxter Educating The Future Provided by Terri Ann Baxter Educating The Future


How do you cook something without a stove?

Hey guy’s!

How do you cook something without a stove?

As many of your know we just moved into the new place.
Well, the new place doesn’t have a kitchen in it as yet. So, we have been roughing it, and decided we wanted a cooked meal.
So how do you cook something without a stove?
Lucky we had brought along the BBQ, so we dusted her off and put her into action!
Some potatoes, onions, lamb chops and sausages, may not look much but I tell you the sanga’s and chop’s were fresh the local butcher and I have to say they were delicious!
Not the normal thin chop either they were a good thick chop, I was surprised when I pulled them out to cook them up.
They were brilliant I tell you and the taste was amazing, now I’m not one to brag about my food but I tell you if my neck of the woods, be sure to head to the local BUTCHERY and try some of the snags and chops, they’re delicious!

The Importance of having Inspiration

Provided by Terri Ann Baxter Educating The Future

The Importance of Having Inspiration

Self-awareness can be a major lift to your Inspirational Mentality, which significantly helps in propelling your profession.

While the need for an Inspirational Mentality, takes turn in the wake of getting the required capabilities and preparations.

Self-improvement is a deep rooted path and can just help you to enhance connections.

Beginning on Personal Development

Self-improvement doesn’t require you to simply support a profession.

  • Likewise helping you to carry on with a greatly improved life at the individual level and add to your profound development.
  • Self-improvement requires endeavoring to improve as a man or woman, in each part of life, and aim to help you to have an inspirational mentality.
  • This can help you in each phase of life and lead you to build up a demeanor of taking care of issues as opposed to being overpowered by them.
  • To begin with, one needs a reasonable thought of what one is endeavoring to accomplish. Make an evaluation of your present mentality, effectiveness, time administration and efficiency.
  • Incorporate your own life likewise in such evaluation and judge yourself in regions of temper, approachability and associations with those near you.


When you have done this, you will be up close and personal with your insufficiencies.

Choose the parts of your disposition and conduct that you have to change.

Get yourself a tutor, who can take a fair-minded perspective of things and recommend upgrades to every single behavioral issue.

For example:

  • Set objectives for the enhancements and choose a composed arrangement to accomplish this.
  • Records will let you, continually allude these objectives and stay focused.
  • Experiencing self improvement guides or joining courses that assist in self-improvement.


  • Investigation of the books or courses guarantee that you give it all the integrity that it merits.
  • Introspect at interims, and be ruthlessly forthcoming in such self evaluation, can help you to comprehend the ranges that need reinforcing.
  • Ensuring your objectives are not outlandish and unattainable, there can be no prominent uncertainty for advancement, knowing that you are not pushing ahead at the pace that you need to.
  • Guarantee that you stay healthy consistently. This means, that other than the self-improvement missions, you additionally need to eat healthy, practice satisfactorily and have enough rest.

Self-awareness is a Slow Process

  • Acknowledgment that you require self-awareness originates from you having to go up against disappointment or negative aspects.
  • Greater part of these are because of mental and physical propensities that have been instilled into your life, because of the condition that you have lived in.
  • Propensities are created throughout the years and are hence not simple to change.
  • A sudden change of propensities is once in a while conceivable, and regardless of the possibility that accomplished can come at gigantic mental and physical cost.

Fundamentally, you need to figure out how to arrange your life by having control over your considerations, feelings and activities.

This is difficult to do, and requires a positive exertion constantly.

Self-improvement can never take a rest and needs to go ahead for the duration of your life.

You may end up having to always show signs or change objectives, as your position in life changes, or age and other individual conditions begin making their essence felt in your life.

Self-improvement can help you to have a reason in life. It will roll out an improvement in the way others take a gander at you, and if this in any case helps your social connections, it can be an immense in addition to point.


Tips For Personal Development

Tips For Personal Development

There are days when it might appear as though the day will never end!

The point when time continues escaping and there are constantly a greater number of things to complete than time permits. Before long, this may start to wear on you and make you

feel as though it is only you who is in charge of never completing anything, as opposed to being a piece of a framework that may not be set up in a perfect world to complete much.

As opposed to proceeding to point the finger at yourself for not having the capacity to settle what is not yours to settle, what about dealing with the things that you do have control over? Making changes in these areas will enable you to see improvement and will help enhance your point of view in general. You can affect your very own advancement, regardless of the possibility that you can’t do much about your working environment.

Attempt some reflection time, to help assuage your anxiety. In opposition to mainstream thinking, reflection doesn’t need to be sitting in a lotus position encompassed by gardenia candles. You can take two minutes to ponder pretty much anyplace. It’s more about clearing your head and managing your breathing and simply quieting your spirit for a moment or two. Certainly, it’s incredible to have a whole thirty minutes and on the off chance that you can get that, pull out all the stops, lotus position and all, however in the event that not, do it in little grabs for the duration of the day.

Converse with yourself. Yes, converse with yourself and inform yourself concerning all the colossal things you can do, have done and will do. You are one of a kind and have a huge number of abilities. It is simply a question of helping yourself to remember what these are and how extraordinary you are. This is not arrogance, this is reality and it is ideal to do each day.

Manufacture a backup stash- Set away a couple of dollars each pay interval so you needn’t stress over what will happen if your car breaks down or the heater goes out. This will ease a lot of stress and will make you feel great about how dependable you are. In addition, it’s only an extraordinary thought.

Eat well- Scarcely any individuals see exactly how huge a part a solid eating routine plays in our passionate welfare. Enjoying a series of starch paradise is pleasant for the occasion, yet generally it makes us dormant and headachy. We as a whole vibe much better when we are completely hydrated and eating bunches of new products of the soil. Eating great lean protein is likewise bravo, as is eating low-fat dairy.

Show proactive kindness- Providing for others is better than average for us and for our souls. There’s a genuine passionate surge when we assist the less lucky, so volunteer at a destitute sanctuary or at a local one to one hotline. It will be useful for what afflicts you.

Take a stab at something new and courageous- Indeed, even become hopelessly enamored. Gambling something is beneficial for all of us. Escaping our usual range of familiarity is one of the best things we can accomplish for us, so we ought to do it frequently and with enthusiasm. Disappointment is only a chance to learn. Everybody falls flat, it is the individuals who attempt again who win. Simply lift your head and carry on with your life so everyone can hear and see you living it.

Can you relate? Would love to hear from you.

In memory of my baby boy

In Memory Of My Baby Boy

Wish to share a secret with you, that I have carried close to my heart for the past eleven years.

Eleven years ago, I experienced a miscarriage and lost my baby boy.

In an unpleasant relationship and overwhelming stress, it was all too much for both us.

After losing Mark anthony, I hid this and kept him safe, but now I want to share my baby boy and my experience with the world.

My baby boy would be eleven if he was here today, and I would say he would be just as cheeky as his big brother Tony.

I won’t go into all the details, however it was a sad and broken relationship. And in a way there is a relief that my baby boy didn’t have to go through the horrible start his big sister did.

I was reminded today that life is a blessing and should be appreciated, because back then I was having a hard time letting my baby boy go, and dealing with a stressful relationship, I just wanted to crawl into a hole and let the world pass by. Only now do I realise that he is not gone he will be in my heart forever.

However, I want to share this little part of my life, as it shows one of the challenging obstacles, I’ve had to endure by myself.

Writing about my story has given me more courage to live and enjoy life knowing, this is what my baby boy would want his mum to do.

Going through life by yourself can be lonely and challenging, reach out to those around you and never close doors on those that matter to your life.

Mark Anthony

Room with a view

Setting off to Canowindra revealed hidden treasures

On the way to the event we decided to stay over in Canowindra NSW.

Along the way the sites were breathtaking, I had to stop and take it all in.

Sleep over at the Old Vic Inn Canowindra NSW Australia.
Room is divine, with a touch of old charm about it.
The hallway has an abundance of hand painted portraits that were absolutely amazing in detail.
And tonights menu: Pasta night, and it was simply delicious.
Nice and simple and a very welcomed dish after a weary journey.
We can say a very peaceful place to rest your weary bones, and everyone is friendly and happy to chat with.
All in all, an awesome place to put your feet up and enjoy a good meal.

Shoot for the Stars

Can You Shoot for the stars

Hey you!

Yes, you!!

What drives you!!

Feeling sorry for yourself and you feel the entire world is against you?

News flash! IT’s NOT against you, it’s living!!

While you’re sitting and feeling sorry for yourself, the world is still evolving, and you are missing out, my friend!

So what are you going to do about it?

Let me tell you my friend! Get up and stretch those blues away and say to yourself that “I am me and I will live my life today”

Start a journal right now and make the first page your inspiration, to rise and shoot for the stars!

Look at what you did yesterday?

Seek out an alternative and ask around and see what happens, you maybe surprised.

Let me tell you a something I’ve learned, about 12 years ago.

I was in a rough time in my life and I had no idea what to do at the time, I sat down and looked at my options.

So I turned to education!

Education has been my saviour, I can tell you, not just any old education.

I started out in IT and grew to be more than that, I now manage my own company, and I love what I do!

I have grown and experienced more than I ever dreamed I would in a lifetime, it hasn’t been an easy journey and it’s had it’s ups and downs, and you may think you know me, but you don’t know my story.

Those who chose to be close to me learn my failures, my sadness and my successes and this is what life is made of, and if you’re going to let it get the better of you than you may as well quit right now!!!

Only you can make the change!




Design & Apply Affiliate Marketing to Start Your Online Business

3 Reasons Why Should Use Affiliate Marketing To Start Your Online Business

There are a huge amount of approaches to profit on the web; however they all can be categorized as one of two classes. You’re either going to offer items or offering administrations. In the event that you need to construct a long haul business, then item advertising is the course that you need to go, with partner showcasing being the most ideal approach to begin. Here are 3 reasons that you ought to investigate this advertising model for your business.

1. You Get To Test What Works

Regardless of what endless messages and direct mail advertisements jump at the chance to assert, there is a positive expectation to absorb information with regards to Internet showcasing. The accomplishment of your business will rely on upon how quick you get over that bend, and regardless of whether your business survives the early hindrances. Odds are that you have a long haul business wander as a top priority, something that you would love to spend each day doing. Would you truly like to hazard the practicality (and fun) of that thought by urgently attempting to make it work? Obviously not! Offshoot showcasing permits you to take in the ropes with different items and specialties, securing your “enormous thought”.

2. You Can Figure Out Where Passion And Profit Meets

Everybody has something that they’re energetic about. You may not understand it; but rather the things that you like, regardless of what they are, can be transformed into a practical business. You simply must have the capacity to discover the market inside your energy and make sense of what items this market will purchase on the web. This is another “trying” perspective that makes subsidiary showcasing an awesome beginning stage for some advertisers. All alone, you’d need to continually grow new items to test, never knowing whether your venture is advantageous. By affiliating with other item makers, you go out on a limb that accompanies building up your own items. You can make sense of what parts of your specialty merit adapting, and when you make sense of what works you can build up your own answer and become wildly successful!

3. Assorted qualities Is The Key To Establishing Your Business

Around 75% of new organizations don’t survive their initial three years after foundation. This measurement is more hard to track on the web; yet the number is accepted to be significantly higher. There is a low obstruction for passage with regards to online business, and the individuals who don’t have a strong arrangement or instruction fail out rapidly. How would you keep away from this destiny? The arrangement is two-overlay. For one thing, you have to enhance your business however much as could be expected. By having people in numerous specialties, you ensure yourself an account of an item thought not working out or a specialty all of a sudden drying out. To make the greater part of this work however, you require an incredible training. You don’t comprehend what you don’t have the foggiest idea about, and you require somebody who is willing to give you the general tour with regards to member advertising.

Luckily, there are great instructors out there, me included. You simply need to know where to look.


I trust you’re enjoying my articles, don’t be shy! Ask me, Leave a comment, you never know where it may lead.

And don’t forget, to share, share, share!!!

Cheers, Terri.


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